An ode to Croatian Food

Deciding on a holiday destination for me, is often as hard as deciding on a main course from an extensively varied all you can eat buffet.

I want freshly made dips from Greece, sultry pasta from Italy, the richest cheeses from France, De Nata’s fresh from the oven from Lisbon – the list goes on! But unless you’re spoilt with never-ending air miles, you must try and narrow your search to one place (or two if you’re extremely lucky*).

*thrifty, and don’t mind trading in a classic shower for what can only be described as a hand-held hose (this one time in an Air BnB in Santorini…)

Having heard wonderful things of Croatia from family and friends, I found a bargain of a trip for myself and fellow foodie friend Sacha to Zadar in our very own cabin and just a 20 minute walk from the old town.

The views were splendid.



The company was excellent.



Morning’s were spent wandering, searching for the perfect coffee spot with pastry in hand.


Afternoon’s were spent reading, discovering new sunbathing spots and sourcing the very best gelato spots when our bodies craved a cool down  (all in the name of research).


And the evenings?


That’s when things really got exciting.

Croatia has a plethora of finer dining options, positively begging to be sampled.

Situated just a stone throw (albeit an Olympic stone’s throw) from Italy, Croatia benefits from a heavy Italian influence in their food as well as additional borrowed tastes from their close Mediterranean neighbours. This makes it hard to distinguish Croatian cuisine exclusively, due to its rich history of varied rulers, but Croatia has kept the very best flavours and made them their own with dishes that are as wide and varied as they are delicious.

If you’re looking for an idyllic set-up, Fosa is situated right on the water.



Complete with menu as dreamy as its backdrop, we feasted like Queens on wonderfully fresh seafood and house made pasta.


The complimentary bread basket took a hard hit.



Cuttlefish and Squid Ink Risotto. The most gigantic portion for a starter (no complaints from me), irresistibly moreish – don’t be put off by the colour, it’s magnificent with a little  bit of aioli.


Seafood Tagliatelle, the most sumptuous and comforting of dishes.

Gnocchi is a popular dish in Croatia, one I highly recommend you seek out.

The best we had was at Restoran Lungo Mare.

A little bit of a jaunt away from the old town, but well worth the blisters.


This isn’t just a bowlful of Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Gnocchi – it’s a life-affirming experience.

Served with freshly baked bread, use this to mop up the sauce to reach remarkable levels of indulgence.


Still hungry? The Seafood platter is exceptional (and an absolute steal €€€).


Fresh fish, sea bream, tuna steaks, langoustines, mussels and squid (and the rest of The Little Mermaid cast).

Chilled days are best served with a slice of pizza.



Grab yours from Pizzeria Tri Bunara , best enjoyed with toes dipped in the ocean.


Exceptional when followed by a Pistachio Magnum for pudding.


Your final evening in Croatia should be unbeatable, astounding, breathtaking and elastic-waist worn.

May I recommend Restaurant Groppo as the man for the job?


Start with the Octopus Flower with Citrus.

A heavenly plate of flavours, sensational individually; mind-blowing when combined.


John Dory with gnocchi and truffle.


I still dream about this.

A side of Swiss chard – great to get the greens in.


Sidenote: when you make it apparent that you love food, the waiters will proceed to feed you more. LET THEM.



White Chocolate Mousse with and Cherry Compote, Chocolate Lava Cake with semifreddo. 

A glorious end to our greedy girls holiday.

Food adventures are the funnest adventures, of which you’ll make the most delicious of memories.

Your newest, favourite food could be only a plane ride away, found down a quiet nook, or in a peaceful pocket of your travels; if you’re exceptionally lucky you’ll get to discover them with your best of friends or, if you’re on a sole exploration, well, thank goodness you don’t have to share.


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